Sunday, December 22, 2013

We love reviews too!

As authors we always love receiving reviews about our books. Here is what some people had to say.
Thanks always! ~The Brothers

 About World Fact #1:
"This is a very interesting and unique way of teaching children important facts about the world...It's a fun way to engage your child in learning without them thinking it's another lesson..Which can become boring sometimes..So, the author use the Number 1 as the focal point and then leads into the fun facts....It held my niece's attention because it covers: animals, insects, dolphins, fruit, vegetables, rain, stars, family and so on...." ~Robin L.

About Leo Superhero:
"Leo proves that superheroes do NOT need to be larger than life, louder than a sonic boom, or tougher than nails! My overall take of this children's book is that Leo has learned the true meaning of being a real superhero is in doing good deeds. My hat is off to Leo and his creators who never woke the family up so early in the morning!" ~Dii

About Baby Led Weaning:
"There are a few good finger food recipes." ~Lane V.

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